Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


So the MD-11 has been (by far) my all time favorite aircraft. And at my home airport (New Delhi) the only airline to operate them to this day is Lufthansa Cargo, and that too with a once-weekly service.
I was out with some of my friends (we just happened to be somewhere really close to the airport) and there it was, in full landing configuration. It was so low that I could see that it was one of their white-nose aircraft, lmao.
So I couldn’t stop staring at the thing, and my friends couldn’t stop staring at me, probably judging the **** outta me hahaha


Me: I heard you came back from Denver, how was your trip?

Friend: Very good, the airplane is nice, I know that is the only thing you care about.

Me: Yeah, I do like airplanes, ever since I flew on Air Berlin a few years ago when I was in Germany.

Friend: Oh, Air Berlin, that was the airline I flew!

Me: facepalm Air Berlin shut down last year.

Friend: ORLY? Liar.

Me: I’m NEVER talking to you again.

(Keep in mind that this was the same friend that talked about flying the 777x to San Diego)



Me: Well I got the new Infinite Flight update!




My geography teacher somehow said “plane station” instead of airport


Me: *Sees little sister playing with slime.
Me (I’m a boy, so I don’t play with slime or see any use of it): How is slime going to get you a career?
Sister: How are airplanes going to get you a career?
Me: *Facepalms


I was in history today and we were learning about the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and my teacher said that the plane that dropped the bomb was a jumbo jet. I just couldn’t believe it so I said to her “miss the jumbo jet was not a thing back then” and she said “right let me show you it was a thing back then”. So she researched it but I don’t know what she used because she then switched the projector on and on it was a date that said 18th of August 1935. I did not see anything other than that date though so I think she forged it on photoshop because she keeps doing it to try seem like she knows more about aviation.


Ok, so just a few minutes ago, a guy said he was a pilot, and he says he’s flown to Denmark (I live in Southern California.) So I ask this guy, “so what plane did you fly there?” And the next thing he said made me want to throw him at the wall. “A Boeing A678”


What’s up with these UK road references lately?


Maybe UK roads are named after Airbus models that people IDIOTSthink exist


Every major road in the UK is named A###


Shame on her for:

  1. Lying to the class
  2. Ruining your reputation
  3. She could have found the release years of at least 3 planes in the same time she took to Photoshop that


My mum posts a picture of me in a flight simulator and this is what my grandma comments 🤦‍♂️😂
I swear to god


I said The maddog is retiring friend says what the heck is the maddog. It’s McDonnell Douglas 80.he says oh the mcdoonell 80.that’s how he pronounced it. He says that’s my favorite plane.i said no it’s not you did not know that the md80 can be called the maddog

Ps he likes delta


Meanwhile Spotting at McCarran
Me: Hey Savannah (My Sister), Look at that Spirit Taking off!



When your sister calls the 747 the “ugly double decker plane”.



So I was watching this TV show “brain games” today. Maybe you’ve heard of it. So this is what happened:

(picture of A320 cockpit)
Tv show guy: In a flight simulator it seems like you’re in motion.
(video of A380 landing)
Tv show guy: that’s why when you’re in a flight simulator it seems like you’re flying a 747!
Me: facesmack that’s two airbuses. Plus you didn’t get the plane right. 2 times. Doy


That was my favorite National Geographic TV Show.


Friend: Have you played Fortnite yet!?!?
Me: No, that game is overrated.
Friend: Well atleast im not a plane nerd like you!
Me: Atleast I don’t spend 24/7 screaming “3AT L34D $KRUBZ!” At my screen.


Well, for those of you who can’t apprehend fortnite / gamer rage speech, this translates as “Eat Lead Skrubs”