Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Well technically they are also brake pedals…


So, in a TV show, this pilot was flying to Vegas, and he was “cleared ILS 28L” by approach. The inner avgeek in me got so mad because there is no runway 28L at LAS😂😂


Yah LA to Vegas makes me cringe so hard at times lol. That’s kinda also why I watch it


So there’s like this internal-competition thing about science at my school, you should know what happened…

Master of Ceremony: Question 2, Why are modern airplanes usually made the entirety with aluminium?

Candidates: (mumbling about aerodynamics or whatnot)

Me (below the stage): (loudly but not screaming) The new aircraft such as B787 or A350 all have almost 50% of them made with composite material such as carbon fibre!

Everyone in my class: Bruh shut up no one cares

Guess it wasn’t to the point where literally everyone looked at me weird alike some of your guys…


That just about killed me


Well in January my great aunt flew to Florida, and we were talking on the phone, and she says that she flew down there (direct from Pittsburgh to Ft. Lauderdale) on a South West “A374 something” and that it was very nice, and new, let’s list the problems…
What the Polite words… is an A374…?
South west does not have anything that starts with A…
In reality a 737-800 is used…
And she is flying back tomorrow (she goes for the winter) so we will se what she says…


My brother likes to think he is an Avgeek but he isn’t and he knows it.
For instance:

He downloaded this and thinks it is more realistic than IF and has better physics. He also thinks the planes are more realistic.
He also pointed up at a plane when we were driving to the GLA so I could plane spot and said " there is a A380" it was a B738.
I just looked at him and simply said “No” and turned my head back down to the livery I was designing.


I literally only have that for a non wifi game, and have basically replaced it with X Plane for that purpose.


It’s a national Highway in western UK


And not a very good road at that. Trust me. And also I will have you know it is a motorway. Im joking about it being a motorway call it whatever you want in the UK however its a motorway


Well thanks for enlightening me, but unless that road connects Pittsburgh to Ft. Lauderdale (Witch it does not) my aunt did not take that to Florida…


And here we have a man dancing on a runway with lightsabers


I heard a funny conversation in the subway yesterday. Two guys were talking about atc and one stated that Lufthansa is always given priority on German airports by atc cuz they are a German Airline. And he stated that so convinced 😂😂 Well, it was hard for me to not start laughing 😂


As a follow up, she flew a “very nice D359 or something back”
Is that a highway @C_Baccari


D359-35 = Specification for Shellac Varnish (Withdrawn 1939)
Lodge D359 is associated with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour


@RedBulbBlueBlood9911 That would be an interesting 2.5hrs in that…


Oh well…One time my uhhh…how should I say it… “special lady” and I were standing outside together after Orchestra rehearsal. She asked me about what I wanted to do with my future. I immediately started rambling on about working at Delta, UPS, FedEx, or Hainan. I also kept ranting on the ending age of 747s and A380s…When I was done she looked baffled and asked, “What’s a Boeing A380?”


It actually has to do with common household items


I’m surprised I havent said this one yet:
Me from the past: Southest’s HQ is in houston
Me today: no it’s not
Me from the past: when an airplane is driving on the ground it’s called taxing (Tax-ing)
Me today: no it’s not


Some of those stories are funny heeh