Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


I remember one time after our takeoff from Des Moines, my mom was sitting there as I was looking out the window. I hear the nose gear go up and think nothing of it, since I am an avgeek. Well my mother Isn’t. So when she heard it she thought that we were about to crash. For some reason, she gave me the mom arm You know, when your parent is driving and as they slam on the brakes, they stick there arm out to block you.). I told my mom “why did you do that?” And she just tried to play it cool and say “just messin with ya.” Then I just looked at her, and told her it was the nose gear coming up. She didn’t look quite as frightened after that😂😂.


I’ve pretty much banned myself from visiting FR24 anywhere my friends are as they always go:

“Why do you keep searching flight times?”

Literally 4 different people have said that exact same thing in the same exact words.


Hi I was playing IF in my formroom before class naughty me! and this kid says “I know that plane! It’s the F-976243!”
I quickly corrected him that it was in fact an A320 w/sharklets.
Then he says

”don’t you mean the A380!

That facepalm still hurts.


I was on a flight from Beijing to Vladivostok on a TU-204, when all of a sudden the engines became very quiet. I thought we were gonna nosedive and crash due to an engine failure, but little did I know, it was called THRUST REDUCTION.

Back when I wasn’t an avgeek…


Was that at the climb/end of climb stage of flight


Yes it was, during climb lol


How old were these people?!


I think it’s really strange how if there’s any sound on the plane other than the engines the planes going to crash. One of the reasons I became an avgeek.


They were full grown adults and I’m only 14 😂


I can’t be on this community, FR24, or Instagram around them 😂 It’s always, “What are you doing?” “You’re addicted!” “What’s so cool about planes anyways?”


Today, I was in the passenger seat in my friend’s car. When all of a sudden, I see a license plate that says “B777X” and I started freaking out. So, my friend is wondering what I’m freaking out about and I say: “Oh, just that license plate is the name of an upcoming aircraft, the Boeing 777X” and then my friend says: “Oh, I think I flew one of those to San Diego.” (We live in Vegas btw)
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It’s possible that he’s confused about the specific model.


Okay Pie, short explanation. San Diego to Vegas. Nobody in their RIGHT MIND would fly a 777 on that route. Also, I didn’t include the conversation after that (Sorry). It went something like this:

Me: Don’t you mean the A320 or another plane?

Friend: Nooooooooo it was surely the 777X

Me: Describe it.

Friend: It was short and we boarded from stairs in the front door, and there were wings on the tail, and the engines were on the back

Me: Facepalm I think you mean a CRJ of Delta?

Friend: Yeah it was Delta. BBBBBUT it was a 777X

Me: How dense are you.

Friend: You don’t know as much about planes as me! (He’s a Non-Avgeek)

Me: I’m not gonna even try…


He kinda got it right, BAW flies a 777 down here from London from time to time. Still we shouldn’t expect to see a KLAS-KSAN 777X route xD.


airforceproud95: So, what altitude should we cruise at?
Janitor: 'Long as you’re above 40 feet, you should be okay. 🤓
airforceproud95: Okay, sir, we are above 3000 feet, we are well clear of 40 feet; in fact I believe that’s airport


When i’m in school watching planespotting videos

Me: Wow nice landing, very buttery.
Friend Looks Over

Friend LOUDLY: Marshall, stop watching plane porn.



…no comment…TRIGGEREED!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣


😂 I can see why they would think that


My favorite thing about this is that he looks so happy which is ironic because
he’s standing on the runway


So we did this poll thing in class the other day, and I did a multiple choice, and it was
What is the largest airplane to ever fly?
Boeing 747-8i
Airbus A340-600
Antonov AN-225
Airbus A380
And nobody got it right, they all put down either Boeing 747-8 because it’s Boeing
Airbus A380 because they searched it up and found out it was the largest passenger plane, but not largest plane
Or They didn’t know because nobody knows a thing
Nobody put AN-225, even the teacher got it wrong 🤦‍♂️