Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


I think that actually, well, it doesn’t matter. The guy dies anyway.


Not too mention the houses literally in front of the runway.


And the runway is in the air

  • My friend can’t tell the difference between a Helicopter and a plane.
  • None of my friends know what a CF188 Hornet is.






Mhm, seems unusual, but true.


One have big fan.

One have big wing.





immensely upset



I’m trying to dumb it down.


One have a spin thing on top

One have spin thing on side



This is the best convo on this site.


Hold up. Is a CF188 Hornet just a modified F-18 or am I dumb


It’s just the name for Canada’s F/A-18’s.


When you have to say people plane to your friends so they understand you.


Story Time!

Casual conversation on airplanes with a friend of mine
Me: Ok so looks like that airplane is around 3000 feet high headed to, of course, La Guardia.
Friend Oh that’s cool, but don’t planes fly much higher than that? Like at around 320- I mean 350,000 feet.
Me(Quite triggered): That’s like space shuttle status. You’re going to die up there.
Friend: what. i heard that planes go that high
Me (transforming into an avgeek): More like 30,000- 40,000 feet.
Also me:


Ok, so I’m in Boy Scouts, and I was doing a service project the other day, and it happened to be in New Port Back Bay, which is right where we can see the planes coming out of KSNA. So it was partly service project and spotting, and when I spotted out an a320, my friend said it was an 737-800. So we argued over who had more aviation knowlage, then I brought up IF, and said I was a Grade 3 Pilot. Then he says he is Grade 2 Pilot. Then I’m like you play IF? He says yes, and we start agreeing about things, and start spotting together! So when it was all done here’s what happened:

Group Leader: Thank you all for helping out today!

Group Leader: You guys all did a wonderful jo-

Plane flys over

Group Leader: Sorry I can’t talk because there’s a 747 fling over us.

Me and Friend look up

See Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Both of us facepalm

Both of us: That’s a Cessna 172, not a 747, and it’s heading to Catalina (Friend checked FR24 in advance)

Everyone looks at us like we were aliens


I’m super happy for you that you found someone to talk with! There’s only one other person that I know (in person) that has an interest in aviation (Lucy, I’ve talked about her before) and she’s a super salty.


I’ve heard all your stories about Lucy, and oh boy, shes saltier than McDonald’s Fries!


I like the when everyone on the plane freaks out in panic when the flaps are being set or gear being put down lol


When It was time in class to put the date and time the test was taken, i wrote it in ZULU time and the teacher had given me a detention… Worst part is, it was a free write essay on any topic. You obviously would’ve knew my topic,