Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


That’s no t really a non-avgeek story.


Yeah but does are not my violations


Why be angry? It’s a valid question if she honestly doesn’t know the answer.


sigh here we go.

(Non avgeek) friend: so I heard your flying soon

Me: yeah

Friend: cool, I flew on a Delta last year, what plane are you on? The Deltas are really nice!

Me: faceplamThat’s the AIRLINE!

Friend: oh.


Because the way she said it and how close the fa were to her, they were in earshot of her


Me: what are 2 companies that make planes
Classmate who lives under not just a rock, but Mt Everest: Delta, Air force one, and uhhhhhh… HOW am I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS?!?
Me: first of all, its not even that hard, and sadly you are wrong.


Personally I love this topic because it’s where avgeek elites go to snob at the commoners


Also, that really isn’t about aviation. It’s just something of their culture.


I know it is also apart of their job


One of my friends always says that. just to annoy me


Well then


This has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen 😂



Pilot: sticks head out cockpit WHAT?!


That ramp agent is about to have a not-so pleasant day.


Google, please immediately improve your search filters


Oh my goodness

How can someone be this dumb


@C_Baccari The cockpot windows slide open.
As Such:


Yep, once saw a pilot stick their upper body out if the cockpit and proceed to wipe down parts of the plane :/


Welp the guy in photo 1 is dead. 😛


Everything wrong with photo 1:

  • Plane on short final, no gear
  • Plane just chilling on the runway
  • Plane engines have no fan blades
  • Control tower literally right next to the runway.
  • Oh, let’s not forget the GUY standing on the RUNWAY about to get SQUISHED!