Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


I done a piece of writing about planes and when it came out of the printer, my headteacher read it first. A+


I was playing Merge Plane,and:



It doesn’t fit in “Funniest Stories of Non-Avgeeks”


@GaplessHiding PM please.


What is a ‘Boering 787-9”?


I think they accidently added an “e” OOH!


Dear Amazon,

You guys may be capable of taking over the world and selling every possible item on your site, but you are terrible at knowing your planes.


That’s the company’s fault for messing up their own model name


Sherlock. If you’ve watched the show you know what I’m talking about. The part in the final episode. Avoiding spoilers.


Anyone remember that movie ‘are we there yet’ that has Ice Cube in it? They mention recycled cabin air, which is wrong.


That’s definitely what should be circled in red… 😂😂



One of my school physics books used Boing planes as examples. No wonder they are bad at landings.

Obviously I am joking!


So yesterday at my school, I was actually bullied (Kinda) by this kid who thought liking planes was dumb. My avgeek friend (whose on this forum), decided that we should quiz the bully, to test his (tiny amount of) knowledge about airplanes. So my friend asked, “What are 3 aircraft manufacturers”, and the bully said, “my mom, my dad, my brother”. You know what happens next, FACEPALM TIME!!! Then we ask, “name 5 planes”, and he said, " X-4 Stormwing, and the 3 planes that…" I don’t wanna say it here.

The bully: “why do you guys like planes so much”
Me and my friend: "why do you like fortnite so much


Sorry that you were kinda bullied


x-4 STorMWiNG


It says ‘Airbus’ is a private jet…


Whenever I mention planes to my boyfriend he is like “why do you know this?”


I like the idea of flying a private cargo aircraft


Also, Spot the error


748 freighter also isn’t the Dreamliner. That’s the 787s.

2 for the price of one