Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Oh? Well I don’t know where I saw that then… 🤷‍♂️😂👍


I once met a kid that tried to argue that Infinite Flight was better than X-Plane 11 because it was “more realistic” and had “better graphics”


Well he wouldn’t be wrong, but they clearly don’t understand how technology works…


Where’s the “more realistic” and better graphics come from?


My uncle came to us for Christmas and we had a very interesting conversation yesterday. So we talked about how it can be that London Heathrow having only two runways can be one of the largest in Europe. And he got an idea: Maybe the runways at LHR are longer and one big runway consists of a lot smaller ones lined up from the end to the other end and that airplanes land simultaneously on those smaller runways. (Srsly guys I was lying under the table for about a half an hour).


Does he know that he need to descent for landing?


Why are South Africans so interested in the 797?


Also, what?


It has the airline ON THE TAIL!!!


It’s a side by side comparison


Kawalski, analysis.


Ha yeah, they probably meant an A220-300


So I was watching a video on YouTube, and all the sudden this person was taking about where people thought she was from, India. Now she said, to get to India from the U.S, you will probably have a double decker airplane (an a380). She then proceeded to say that has a capacity of 300 people, which correct me if I’m wrong, can hold a lot more people than that on the first deck,not even regarding the second deck. I was sitting there just facepalming and thinking, get your facts straight before you try to sound smart.


dislike. dislike that right now.


I have one of those really bad sims, but it’s mostly accurate plane wise except the A340.
image image
It also has really weird other stuff:

It was my first flight sim, so I just keep it for old times sake.


I was in my chem class at school, and these two girls were talking about where they usually go for break. They both said somewhere in Europe (I live in FL)

Girl 1: Oh! What plane do you usually go on?

Now here I am thinking to myself, “Oh, they know stuff about aviation! That’s cool.”

Girl 2: AirFrance


Girl 1: Oh, I’ve never flown on that plane before…

Girl 2: So what plane do you usually go on?

Girl 1: Uh, I think SouthWest or Spirit


This continued on for a good 10 minutes and consisted of more complaints about how long it takes to reach your destination, more talk about different kinds of “planes”, etc.


Can I get an F in the chat?


Well at least they tried.🤷‍♂️😂


Me aged younger: air brakes engaged Its falling off.

2nd one: i see a video of a AtR or Dash or smthg landing and the prop is only moving really slowly. I think why that edited then i think omg they are going to crash then get confused. Now i have avgeek brain and know its just the Dash ATR 797 hovering. Or them going slow on appr.


That’s not even a story? I’m pretty sure that’s from Google Maps/Earth.