Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


No, a two year old could of told us as much :P hahah quite good!


A short conversation with me and my friend

Me: I thought that was an A350
Friend: Is that a real plane?
Me: Yes. It’s the Airbus A350
Friend: That’s a nice name
Me: I know
Friend: What color is it?
Me: facepalm


Nobody noticed that airplane max Mach 6.0 part?


in today’s episode of I read a book…



I need to get that book you’re reading 😂😂.


alright, been awhile since I posted on here. Mainly because it has been awhile since I’ve flown. I just got back from JFK, and had one of the worst experiences ever… On the flight to New York, I was in the isle seat. The dude in the middle seat was just a pain in the butt… He kept having to get up for different things. I honestly don’t think I was sitting for more than 15 minutes at a time.

I know that this might not been a non-avgeek story, but I just need to vent this…


it’s a business book I was borrowing from the national library of Australia, I need to find the slip for it again


I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless… XD


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 hahaha


I mean there must be some realism mods😉


Look at this!!


It’s just the flaps, no big deal. Plus, it’s a gta mod, not in actual flight sim.


Boeing 737 MAX is in a holding pattern above an airport

News Reporters: a BoEiNg 777 iS hAvInG eNgInE fAiLuReS aNd Is TrYiNg tO uSe Up FuEl bEfoRe MaKiNg An EmErGeNcY lAnDiNg oN tHe TARMAC


I’m pretty sure “700 series” means Boeing 707-787


I was watching the news and it says “SCARY AIRPLANE MANUVERS” and it was just a few planes doing touch and goes at Manchester due to bad weather.


I see those things all the time, they’re so annoying


it did- but SWA only operates B737


I mean, they’re still technically correct ¯_(ツ)_/¯


tho I’ve always heard them as 7x7 series :D


SWA actually used to use 727s so maybe that’s why.