Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


At least your friend doesnt say 7107. I Hope😂


I remember being young and telling a parent: “wow, Airbus is coming out with the A390”. I said that after I saw this photo. Unrelated, but I thought Air Canada operated 737s (this was before the max) because the embraer landing gear folded in like a 737s


Yes, the new A225 Airbus variant has arrived!


The worst thing is that if you look at the wing partially covered you’ll see that theres only two engines 😩😩


I’m disappointed


Sorry I’m acting a little dumb but what are you saying ?


@SkysTheLimit87 highlighted “Ryanair” from the 737 picture using Google Lens and Google Lens recognized it as “Airbus A320 family” even though Ryanair only uses 737s.


Since when did Bombardier and Embraer merge?


I’m sorry to the person who wrote that up, you’ve been very sadly misinformed…
Again, good picture 😁


I bought a calendar along with an airline magazine… Wouldn’t totally say I wasted my money,the photos on the calendar were pretty cool and the magazine was good to read.


So, I was being me and looking through wikiHow. Then, I stumbled upon this. This is disturbing, to say the least.

Let’s just point out the several things wrong with this…

  • It is missing the front gear The Dang FRONT GEAR!
  • It has a pointed nose when it clearly says Airbus. Airbus has a rounded nose.
  • It has four engines. (Yes, I understand it may be defined as an A340)
  • It does not have a middle gear, despite being an A340.
  • Finally, it is facing the wrong runway heading.

I have lost faith in wikiHow. Well, thats all for the day.


Maybe there is another runway that starts/finish near, in that heading…


That was already posted.


You never know…


Sorry guys bad news… for us lot!

However I don’t thing that this is true.

  • True, avgeeks are damaging aviation
  • False, This is absolute rubbish

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Link me to that articl, I must see it for myself.


Here it is, @Aviator_Airbus





List of enemies of avgeeks:

  1. Journalists
  2. That dumb classmate of yours
  3. Google (and Apple, somehow they classified planes under sky in the photos app search system (the plane took half the pic) and classified marriage pics under recreation!)


Thanks for giving @Aviator_Airbus the link! Its just baloney.