Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


You can assume! Doesn’t mean it was


Hold up chief


I love the Boeing350 XWB 190 (ER)


omg me too it’s better then the Cessna A120 MAX-3


Yes I completely agree because of its unique window with the mascara


Okay but, in the January-March break term I’m starting a spotting club at my school, I expect havoc.


Lol I wonder how that’s going to go


So far, the teacher I asked for this hasn’t found anyone willing yet, but apparently a teacher at my school flies Cessnas. But back on topic!


At my school no one cares about aviation or school


The only thing people known at my school is a very sad event in Aviation


A friend once asked " how does the reverse thrust work in this plane? "
Mind you, we were flying in a Cessna 172. :/


I hope you slapped your head and pointed to the brakes


Don’t worry. When I am older and rich, I will develop a plane that is exactly like that and become even more rich and make all avgeeks feel like it was all a prophecy. 😉


And the funny part is that a few years ago, I thought it was real…


Its good man. Just joking.

But i always get people confusing 737 with 747.

Me: following an avgeeky conversation eith a non avgeek How many decks does the A380 have.

Him: Uuuuumh. 1 right?

Me: Nooooooooooooooooo. It has 3 inc Cargo Hold. Or 2 passenger decks and is the largest passenger aircraft in the world unless you dump some people in the back of the AN-225. Oh but btw the MD-12 is better shame they never built it.

Him: By now he is long into another conversation.


I will help you build it, and we will gather all the IFC users to be passengers or crew😂. It shall be called the Airbus A380130970459709734-39047420934.


I like it! Although it might be a bit expensive purchasing all of that metal and assembling it. Especially the seats, although we can just get those (even the metal) from Mojave Airport!


I wish I could do that… like 2 people would join


If you looked closely,any avgeek would be able to tell that it was just a military aircraft!(sorry it’s in Japanese)


I think that’s just a picture. You didn’t post the video