Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Yeah today I was planespotting and when I saw a 737 she said ‘is that a big one?’. On a lighter note another spotter there said that it’s good that some kids like me are out doing stuff other then just staying inside.


When I go plane spotting and say “LOOK EVERYONE A CESSNA A767” then they correct me and say it’s “Boeing 767” like what? Don’t They don’t know anything about aviation!


Why just why


Nooo i liked that Airline just look at that beautiful Boeing Citation E190-300 (LR)


Do you get the joke @CaptainBarney?


Which joke?


With the post above.


Yes (I think) is it because it’s not virgin America and it’s Virgin Atlantic


No Virgin America used to be an airline, and as the article was saying it merged into Alaskan


No wonder on FR24 it shows virgin America and says Alaska airlines




@Benjwri Yes, we all know that Virgin used to be a VA, its just they mixed up the liveries with Virgin Atlantic.


Ahh misunderstood that 😂😂


So i was at the airport and i say to my friend look its the Boeing 350 and he says no its the Airbus 787. I know them planes all of them and he dosen’t and it was TUI.


My friend does not know the difference between a 737 and 747.??!


Every time I go planespotting with my mom, and I see an A320, she says"Oh it’s big" and I see a 757 she says “Oh it’s bigger” I see a ERJ145 she says oh it’s small…


I can assume sarcasm, right


These people need to spend a couple years on the IFC and playing Infinite Flight 🤣


This is what makes all avgeeks want to kill themselves.
Credit to TechnoBlog Aviation for the photo


This is why us avgeeks have good reasons to lose faith in everyone else.