Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Yes I agree. But it’s a C-130


Oh the things you find on Instagram


“yeah call it kyle” XD
The best name an aircraft could get lol.


Roger, Kyle is inbound for landing runway 26L

Kyle, make a right turn



a friend of mine was telling me about his recent trip to France. He was on a Norwegian 787. when I asked him how is flight was he said “oh yea! It was nice! I’ve got to say, Airbus really did a good job when designing the Dreamliner!”

I was just stunned. Mainly because with Norwegian, the Captain even says “Hello! Welcome aboard our Boeing 787 Dreamliner!” before continuing with the flight announcements.

I know that because I flew on a Norwegian Airlines 787 this summer


When my brothers see just a plane then they are screaming Ahmaaaaaddd look a plane thats so annoying 😂



I searched up Recent Aircraft Orders and got this. Plain sad.


There’s nothing much to say really 😑😑


That has to be one of the greatest Non Avgeek story.


Explain (must have been the spelling)


It will be better soon?


The worst part is KIND is to further down the list. You can barely see it on the right. Oh well 😔.


Missed a pun opportunity here. But yeah it is very sad. 😧


My dad just said that Boeing is coming out with a new plane called the 847 with beds in first class… I almost criedlol


When my friend told me the plane bounced on a hard landing and almost died. LMAO


Hey, if you watched the movie, I think it’s rated pg-13 or something, the movie game night features a guy being sucked into the engine of a gulfstream plane, even though he was like 10 meters away. I mean, that’s not quite accurate.


all of these concern me about the aviation future


good to know im not the only person who does this


That one friend who asks is there an Uber for aircraft. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️