Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Continuing the discussion from That one friend who thinks airplanes are flying pieces of metal…:

Since the last one was closed after inactivity I’d love to see some more stories - after reading the last one.

So let’s continue the hilariously funny stories and have a bit of a laugh!

(Sadly I don’t have any - but I’d love to hear yours!

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Non-avgeeks opinions of av-geeks
  • When my friend always tell me that the A380 is a fat plane
  • When my friend only knows B737 or A320 😂
  • When my friend hates me because I cant stop talking about aviation world
  • When my friend says “It’s Boeing 320!” or “It’s Airbus 777!”
  • When my friend can’t differ between an B747 and an A380 😂


When my friends make fun of me every time a plane passes over and I know the type, airline, etc…


Here was this one guy sitting behind me on a southwest flight (737-700) and he kept on saying “Man, you do not feel any turbulence in these A321’s do you!” 😅


When I’m calmly and coolly talking about what would happen if an engine fail were to take place, and non-avgeeks are looking at me like, “Stop it!”


When my friend see’s a plane and tells me “Look! Theres a plane!” Me: No duh

When my friend gets pissed that I talk about planes


took my sister flying and asked how i controlled the plane on the ground and told her it was by the yoke and that she should try and control it, so she started movig the yoke and depending on the way we went id steer with the rudders that way until she got confused when id stopped and the yoke wasnt doing anything.


One of my friends calls my favorite aircraft (Which is a 777) a Boeing 78987


I just remembered the funny but I’m upset when I hear this

My Friend calls me an abnormal person because I love planes


My mom just gets really annoyed because when she picks me up from school literally I can talk about is airplanes lol


When people don’t know there’s a difference between boarding time and departure time.😵😡😤😤🙄😡😲😫


When your teachers get pissed at you for only doing essays about airplanes.

When you are playing golf and you hold up your team because an airplane is about to fly over and you fumble around in your golf bag for your camera…(based on a true story)

When you wait for “airplane time” on the clock…(7:37am, 3:20pm, etc)


YES! I always make sure to look at the clock at 7:37pm and 7:47pm


3:50 Am ( A350) I get up early to watch the clock


My parents also get mad at me whenever I request for the sun roof on our car to be opened so I can see and hear the planes better! (Even when it is 15*F and Snowing)


I have a strange habit of looking at the clock right before it goes into airplane time.


Every time it goes to airplane time I miss it so I actually set alarms to go off a minute before. (Am I too weird?)


It is about 9 PM where I live that means it will equal CRJ-900


It’s almost 9:00 where I live. (Prepares for screenshots for no reason)


Last month in a writing essay I wrote about a approach into Tegucigalpa, I being a Honor Roll student she told me it was all wrong since she didn’t believe the insane bank angle and angle of descent because of her I didn’t get a A on Writing