Funniest Spotting Encounters

This is a thread about funny encounters w/ security or the people around you when you go spotting!

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I was at SXM once and someone tried to bring their burger with them to a jet blast. Needless to say, the burger was gone after that.


I was at KDEN and at security one lady got busted for having a granola bar in her backpack. She held up the line for 20 minutes lecturing the security people about how it is “just a harmless granola bar”. The granola bar then got carried to a back room for additional screening after the security people realized she was holding up the line.


That’s ridiculous tbh

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My friend and I were standing beside the Signature apron while a Citation X went to taxi out. It turned in front of us, and he hasn’t seen his hat since. That was almost 2 years ago.


i was taking photos of my brother landing at my local airport last year and he got a flat tire while exiting the runway 😂


Hey safety am I right but seriously why

I was at Gravely point wich eaven throughout non av geeks a cool place to see planes there was this couple that seemed unaware of the low aircraft and said, and I quote “Holy 💩(with an s) that plane is low!” And then, “Is it going to crash!” Like how! Look with your eyes, maby they weren’t going to crash but land on the runway very close! 🤯

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