Funniest Southwest Announcment

I was on a flight with my friend from KMSP-KDEN on flight 116, when I heard this flight attendant with the FUNNIEST announcement ever. This video is on his YT channel.

Video Time: 2 Minutes 55 Seconds

My Friend, Mason:


Southwest staff are always so funny. At the end of my flight to KPHX the flight attendant got on and said “Congratulations! This is our pilots first successful landing”


I always felt budget airlines have the funniest staff such as the time i flew Spirit They said please do not break anything on board it will cost you the same amount of money as it would to fly Delta first class


Ay mate ya uploaded my vid here it was fun seeing the Duluth side and then we had to leave and it was a good time on this flight too oh ya I saw you got confused on which flight it was the one from msp not den it’s msp to den it’s okay we all were wheezy that night


Southwest staff is always so joyful. They keep making customers laugh and they have excellent customer service. They rank the highest or one of the highest of airlines in the United States, no surprise.

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This FA is straight up destroying this airlines reputation 🤣

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On the SWA flight I recently took, the flight attendant said now we are going to Hawaii, and I was like no… here in Ft. Lauderdale it is 78 and sunny now, you do not joke about going to HAWAII, when we are going to Pittsburgh where is is -2 and cloudy…

But on the way down we had a very serious older guy as our FA, but the pilots were great, when we landed it was a bit of a hard one, so the pilot said the classic I let the Co do that one, then the Co said “well I let the AP do it…” that was about as close to death as I have come in my few years…


That’s funny! XD “Were Going To Hawaii” Lol

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