Funniest routes in IF

@the_simulation_nerd might have interest in this.

I don’t make funny flight plans that often. Ususally mine are routes to my destination, and sometimes a region circulation.

It looks like Squidward!

I’m suprised no one made this topic before xD

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Another, lol 😂

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Someone’s gonna make a route in the form of a…well…you know.


Ahahah lol 😂👍🏻

Illuminati :D

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No I don’t know what you mean, but it’s probably already been done anyway…

I had once a flight plan circling Hawaii region, well at one stage my aircraft was just too fast (M1.60 @ FL650) so Autonav had to keep circling to make the waypoint. Once I dropped down to M1.40 @ FL600 it was able to make the waypoint and continue the FPL.

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