Funniest Callsign

Hey there!

I was searching thought the deeps of the community and just realized that there are a few “funniest callsign” topics closed due to bad behaviour or inactivity.

So this idea came to my mind, what if we create a new thread about this?
Always looking to respectful interaction and avoiding sensible commentaries.

Feel free to post funniest ones you have ever seen!

If this is a duplicate/inappropriate, please close this thread.


Funniest Callsign
Funniest callsigns you have seen in Infinite Flight

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Those topics were closed for a reason, it may not be a good idea to rekindle that fire.

It will just turn into those topics when the bad behaviour rolls in again.

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“They got closed because of bad behavior”

And what’s saying this won’t turn into that?


Simply thrust

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Not even 5 in and this is what I mean.

Best to leave these topics alone, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch.


We’ve had a topic like this last year. It didn’t end too well. For now, „Funniest XYZ“ topics are off limits.

And besides, no callsign can beat „Country Roads“ 😇