Funniest Callsign Stories

What’s the funniest callsign you’ve seen while playing IF. Either if you were a ATC or spotted someone while flying I want to know. I’ll tell you mine!

I was a ATC at the moment until I saw a 747-SCA Plane that flys shuttles spawn in with the callsign “APOLLO.” As soon as I gave them takeoff clearance, they immediately went into space shuttle status. However it didn’t take long until they stalled and fell back down to earth to eat dirt and leave the game. Now unfortunately I forgot what airport this was at but I’m pretty sure it was KLAX. The next one was a person who’s callsign was “JAWS.” At this time I was still ATC but at KMIA. This aircraft tookoff normally but headed east towards the ocean, who knows what they did… my guess is they’re sleeping with the fish right now. But anyway I want to know some of your stories!

I don’t know if this is the right place to put this


I don’t believe this is allowed, as one was just recently closed.

Read what Levet said at the bottom. The thread will just turn bad, it’s a good and funny thread in theory but never works because and they all end up closed eventually because of people.

Now i could be wrong but just from the little research i did that’s what i found:)

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Hmm, I read what he said and hopefully no one posts anything inappropriate like that. If it does happens and it closes down I’ll be fine with it, thanks!

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