Funniest Aviation Videos


“I’m not a nervous flyer, I just don’t feel very well”
“She’s a nervous flyer”


Every time I grease it, I will think of this song


Did he really collaborate with AFP95? 👀


No, he just used parts from one of his videos. 😐


Flight Attendant’s Hilarious Stand-Up Comedy Entertains Passengers – via Weather Underground


Nah, it’s just another clickbait video.


Sorry, the link won’t work 😬


Ts1 Air traffic controllers be like:


Why would they not just go around?


Moar people should watch JordanCO_TV



”Squeeze them legs, ready? 1, 2, 3, hit it!”

Proceeds to do vertical in a 744.


Thats why im comparing it to Ts1



Lol is really lol !!


Hey Community! I stumbled across this flight safety video a few hours ago and I thought to myself, this would be nice to posts on the community for I guess the younger part of our community. Or if there are more mature community members that are still young at Heart (like me).

Turkish Airline parted with LEGO Movie 2 to create this cool little safety video.



Back when I was younger I knew it was fake because it said airliner not ‘American’ on the sides


I stumbled across this as well on YouTube this morning and I laughed quite a bit.


You can always go around, that was a good video actually though


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