Funniest Aviation Videos


As far as funny goes, I wouldn’t exactly call it hilarious, but it is most definitely awesome and entertaining.


I am going to miss virgin America
I hate Alaskan Airline’s just for taking them.



Really funny bug with X-Plane’s AI aircraft:

Source: X-Plane Developer


Foo’s are the best ☺☺


K-Kansei Dorifto? When i see an Air Canada 767 it ALWAYS reminds me this video!


TS1 pilots in a nutshell


Yes, I love AirForceProud95!! 😂


Hahahahaha very funny. Great video.👍


@Balloonchaser has been spotted!!!


Looks like he tookoff another runway, lol.




This video has been probably been used already but i dont want to check

Btw the best part is around 55 seconds in with the a330


Imagine if they did this for Space Shuttles. Oh, jeeze.



From the show (Come Fly With Me)


Some funny aviation moments from Family Guy:


Racing planes:


Boeing vs Airbus videos:

I remember watching these as a years ago


When I was little, I thought it was real…


I don’t know if you guys ever watched this video but its pretty funny, just a warning before you watch it there is some mild (kind of) swearing in this video, it’s not a lot tho and I think most if not all are pretty mild. Don’t think this has been posted before so enjoy!