Funniest Aviation Videos


Lol that is pretty funny. Gotta love those bugs!


A380 powerrrrr! Really weird it stayed in the air after taking off from a short runway.


Omg yes!! 😍😍 Remember finding that ages ago when I was younger and I thought it was real 👍 I even searched up if they had a air crash investigations episode on that emergency landing 😂


Lol that’s funny. I think it would be in the media a lot more if it was real! Of course it looks a little fake, but how would a car be structurally sound with that sort of load 😂 Still an awesome video, it would have taken a lot of skill to compile all that.


I get so irritated when I see videos of people claiming to see “chemtrails” this just really annoys me. One video said how they are going to take down all these planes and make the pilots suffer for spraying the so called chemtrails.


Really? I thought it was an air show back in the 80s and it had a bunch of passengers on it when it did crash… it was on air crash investigations


I’m sorry, but the video is from A320’s first airshow at Paris Mulhouse Airport. There were not regulations about passengers so the plane was full of people and journalists. 3 people, comprehending a kid, died.


I saw it too. Do you remember if any people died? I remember 2 adults and 1 kid but I’m not sure.


Not at all! AFP95 is the best!


Secret video leaked of Spirit Airlines training video:

Credit to Bill Wurtz


I made this myself.

Humorous Live Photos

Seems like you got a little Aerofly 2 in there as well.

Aerofly does look gorgeous though :)

Anyway, great video!


That Hot Air balloon kills me everytime



All of AirForceProud95’s videos will go down in history! And it’ll win this topic too. Go AirPringles65!


Gl telling TS1 pilots to go around. They are too focused on getting it down, even if at 250 knots.


Isn’t really funny, but a bad landing for a good airline.


Hello everybody. This video that I am about to showcase is funny yet VERY insulting.

I am pretty sure that this isn’t a mod but makes IF look like a practical joke even though it is fake.


That Spanish guy is so funny, but it’s ruined for me as I understand what he’s saying 😂


Damn rest in peace your hopes and dreams