Funniest Aviation Videos



All airforceproud95 videos are funny if you understand plane parts and aviation laws.


All of Airforceproud95’s FSX trolling videos are hilarious XD


Training server pilots!


I am crying of laughter now - the best post I’ve ever seen on the IFC!


Thanks! Glad you liked it :)


Basically, Airforceproud95’s troll server is the Training Server taken to the next level XD


I know this is only a few seconds but completely sums up TS1


Same, it didn’t really happen irl I was just saying it as a quote last time, The old days XD


Disclaimer:_Kerbal Space Program is a Space simulator, this has nothing to do with planes_Danny2462’s video here does include aircraft.


one of my favorite parts from this movie



YES…haha I love the Foo Fighters and that song!!!


Haha thanks for the laugh. Some of these bring great memories


heres one I found


Lol that floating LH 77F drives me insane 😂


Crosswind takeoff TS1 style.

I feel sorry for that A380😢


This is more of a dark kind of comedy: Also it is in the important videos playlist on Youtube

Anyways the video shot here was from a test flight Airbus was running for there new A320.


When you fly first class for the first time then you cause mayhem at the airport…


This is and will always be the funniest source of aviation clips.