Funky Seoul! FNF in Korea!

As many of you know, the FNF was in Seoul this weekend. I flew a Korean Air A380 beside @InfiniteNick in a British Airways 787 from EGLL to RKSI

Expert Server, 8:45-7:00 EST, Route: EGLL - RKSI

image image image

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Vote here on how good they are please!


It was a lot of fun! :)
i may or may not have overslept a bit, thankfully my boss hasn’t found out yet 😉


@JacksonAviation you want to join me in a flight with either a 737 or A321 in the obvious liveries on the most popular suggested route?

I can’t right now, cause I told nick I would help him train for ATC but PM me and we can set up another time to fly