Fung_Sum-sum’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ KMDW

What runway(s) are you using?

Closed, thanks for joining!!!

~ Feedback ~

For 1F-AST

[ZGHA Ground on 121.75]

No issues on initial contact.

[ZGHA Tower on 118.55]

Takeoff clearance and first clearance had no issues.

(I was trying to simulate incoming traffic with the transition)

To find the appropriate altitude for a transition in your airspace, keep in mind your airfield altitude, in which case, at ZGHA is 220ft. You want to have 1000ft of aircraft vertical separation, and the pattern altitude for jet-powered aircraft is 1500ft AGL. You want to add 220ft to 2500ft, to find your transition altitude. 2720ft rounds to 3000ft.

After you gave me the transition, you gave me clearance for the option, I had not called inbound yet.

After I requested touch and go for 36R, you immediately gave me clearance for the option, it is always Pattern Entry and sequence [if required], then you can give me the option or for landing clearance.

The runway handoff was late, aim for 60-70kts for an exit runway. In your exit runway command, you could include hold short or cross 36L. I would recommend holding me at 36L, as there was traffic for 36L, 2nm away.

Keeping that in mind, you should have kept me held short of 36L, there was traffic on final, 2nm away.

Some things to work on, you got this!:)


OK. Get it. If I have problem, can I pm you?

Mhmm. Go ahead when you need to.

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