Fung_Sum-sum’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Open] @ KDCA

Hello welcome I am @Fung_Sum-sum and this is my new tracking thread. This is my first time opening ever so please be patient and let me have all the feedback you have to give!

Status: Monday, Wednesday and Friday(14:00UTC to 14:45UTC)

Server: Training

Frequencies: Ground, Tower

Hello! This belongs in #atc, and please be sure to format the title correctly.


Hey your title should be like this Fung_Sum-sum’s ATC Tracking Thread- [Open] @ZSPD

Fixed it for you, just enter which airport you’ll be open ;)

ok thanks bro

Wonderful @Fung_Sum-sum

Glad you figured it out!

Thanks you are welcome

Hello @Fung_Sum-sum, just to take note, you cannot open Ground-Tower together with Center :)

I will try to stop by whenever you are open. Do note that you will be tested on Ground and Tower skills prior to joining IFATC :)

Yes. I know. I mean I will open ground and tower, or just open center