Fung_Sum-sum’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello welcome I am @Fung_Sum-sum and this is my new tracking thread. This is my first time opening ever so please be patient and let me have all the feedback you have to give!


Server: Training


Frequencies: Ground and tower

Time opening: an hour

ATIS: Use RW 24L, 24R. Avail pattern.

PLS join!!


Are you still open?

No. I have closed

Feedback (OY-BRO) :-

Everyrhing was fine except these 3 things

  • In some of the commands your response time was late
  • Transition altitude should’ve been 3000 for me instead of 4000
  • When I called inbound , you directly cleared me for the option instead of first issuing a pattern entry.
    That’s it ,Overall Great Job @Fung_Sum-sum!!
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Thanks a lot🙏

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Pls join!!!

Feedback, OH-HEY:

  • You have to wait the pilot to reply to your instruction, i didn’t have the time to answer and you already cleared me. That happened also to the other pilot. Be patient.

  • The clearance was without traffic direction. Bear in mind that you have to include the traffic direction after a runway change and inbound.

Unfortunately i had to go, transition was alright.

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Ok. Thanks for your feedback and join my ATC tracking thread🙏

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Hey! Do you plan on joining IFATC soon? After you join, you will have access to trainers which can speed your training process up :) It seems that you have spent a long time on these self-hosted tracking threads.

Sorry, but I have been downgraded to grade 2 by level 3 violation since October

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In that case ,you’ll have to wait till December end in order to apply,till then keep practicing . 👍

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Feedback for Air Cananda 102VA

Trainsition alt was perfect 

 On my inbound you had me enter left DW 
I would have given enter right DW only so I wouldn’t interrupt your other incoming traffic to 03L

Other then that you did great no major issues

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Can you join?

I will be have a short opening, plz join fast as possible

KMLB is now closed, good day

Hey there! I just saw your message. Unfortunately, my IF sub has expired. I hope you had a great session! @Fung_Sum-sum

Oops, sorry for wrong mentioned:(


Pls join!

I was taking a nap at that time, sorry! Also, please update your thread title if you’re closed.

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