Fung_Sum-sum’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello welcome I am @Fung_Sum-sum and this is my new tracking thread. This is my first time opening ever so please be patient and let me have all the feedback you have to give!


Server: Training


Frequencies: Ground and tower

Notams: Use 4L and 4R. Avail pattern.

PLS join!!


Cant come today alot of work to do during school.

Hey! Thanks for the service!:)

You didn’t gave me pattern direction, when plane request takeoff “remaining in the pattern”, you must gave left/right traffic at your discretion (watch out for terrain)

Clearence for land was in late, when a plane is on downwind (even if it is on crosswind) you can clear it! in this case you should have cleared me for the option

before opening again, I suggest you to take a look at this video, it will clarify many things;)

Have a nice day 😁


sorry. Are you the skywest CRJ200?

Sorry about my controlling service. Because I am good at doing Center and approach

It is a bit difficult to understand all… But I can understand

I know! it can be difficult to remember everything, but as in everything, practice makes perfect, you will see that if you continue to train in a while everything will come more natural ;)

I was I-M3T btw

Hello welcome I am @Fung_Sum-sum and this is my new tracking thread. This is my first time opening ever so please be patient and let me have all the feedback you have to give!

Status:Today(13:35UTC to 13:45UTC)

Server: Training

Airport: LFBO

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Notams: Use 22L and 22R . Avail Go Around

Now you have opened here. May need to check a few more details:

  1. Will you only be open for 10 minutes?
  2. Also, LFBO uses Runway 32 and 14, not 22

Oh sorry for it

Hi, G-PMKY here. I don’t understand why you are denying pattern work; you did this last time you opened as well. Pattern work is the foundation of controlling from the tower and you need to master it.

I’m also very concerned that you told me to line up and wait in front of an aircraft about to take off. Shall we try again?

Yea shall I tell you hold short?

And why you don’t notice that there is a plane ready for the off?

And I told you that cancel takeoff

OK sorry I am very weak of tower

That’s not really the point. Pilots are expected to follow the instructions given by ATC. The tower is expected not to put planes in conflict!

The correct instruction would have been “Hold short 32R”. When it is safe, you can give “Line up and wait 32R” for spacing, or just “Cleared for takeoff” if there’s no reason to delay.

Are you familiar with the the ATC manual?

OK I get it

What do you think my control skill?

Is it better or worse

There’s quite a lot for you to work on. For example, you told me to take off and make right traffic, then you gave me a frequency change, then you on-guarded me again, and cleared me to land despite me asking for a touch and go.

Aircraft in your airspace should be kept on tower frequency unless they depart. Remaining in the pattern is not departing.

I suggest you first revise the entire Ground and Tower sections of the ATC manual, particularly §3.3 “Inbounds - Pattern Entry, Sequence and Clearance” and the diagram showing what a pattern looks like from Tower’s perspective. You might also find Airfield traffic pattern - Wikipedia helpful.