Fung_Sum-sum’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSE] @N/A

I can understand English

Do you understand what remaining in the pattern is?

Hello, I was FRUSSLY.

I have some feedback about your controlling.

  • When I pushed back, you almost immediately gave me taxi to xx runway, you could have waited a bit longer on that part. Pilots usually advise when they are ready to taxi.
  • Commands Turn XX next taxi way we’re not necessary, because there was no bigger conflict requiring progressive taxi instructions. If we look at IFATC manual it says that:
    Controllers should take note that VERY CLOSE MONITORING is required when using this tool and therefore should only use it when absolutely necessary. Before it’s used, Controllers should send “Expect Progressive Taxi Instructions” to the aircraft in question.
    Once the Progressive Taxi Instructions are no longer required, the Controller must send ‘Continue Taxi at your discretion’.

You wanted me to take a specific route to the runway perhaps, but Infinite Flight doesn’t have taxi via xx taxiway feature yet, unfortunately, so you have to let us taxi via taxiway that’s most appropriate to us.

  • Before contacting tower I asked for frequency change, you should have responded with duplicate frequency change warning.

  • I stated that I’m remaining in the pattern, so you should have given me which traffic to make: left/right and I would be making that traffic till instructed otherwise.

Off the ground, let’s go into air ☁️

  • When I took off I didn’t get sequence and I didn’t get cleared for an option clearance for the runway I wanted to do the pattern work initially. Alway try to clear an aircraft if he’s all alone on the according side of the runway.

If an aircraft is in the pattern “Cleared for the Option” must be used as it gives the pilot the option of a landing / touch & go / stop & go or low approach.

  • When I requested RWY change to 13L you responded with unable, maybe because there was an aircraft on final RWY 13R and you didn’t want me to crash right into him.

  • Also another thing, you told us when to enter a specific leg base, downwind etc.
    Only Inbounds and RWY changes require pattern entry

  • Sequencing was dead pretty much, so don’t have much to say about that.

Your main weakness is air, sequencing, pattern entries. Ground wasn’t that bad as air 🥴
I suggest you taking a look to IFATC Manual it can be found here:

If you will have any questions feel free to ask!


I really don’t want to talk again

Do you have a ifatc recruiter ?

This is not true @Fung_Sum-sum I gave you a good distribution of remaining in the pattern. Pm me if you keep having issues.

were you in the session?

no he is in ATC in Training Program and he should have used the resources he had :)

Well if that’s the case someone from this programme of yours should have been there to supervise internally

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Take this to a pm insted of bashing us publicly.


@Fung_Sum-sum I see you are having some trouble with IFATC, pm me if you still have any questions. 😉

Hello are you open? I’ll come and do some patterns

I dont think so

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