Functions of APPR mode

I never really use the APPR mode. Last time I used it was like a year ago. When I activated it on final today, I realized that it only controlled the heading to allign with the runway. Everything else I had to control manually. Anyone know why it changed?


It hasn’t changed in a big way🙂 Now you have to be blow the glide slope, and it’ll continue forward until it locks the glide slope, if you’re above the glide slope it will lock on to the localizer but not the glide slope, i recommend 3000ft AGL and have a 0 VS in order to have it lock the glide slope also be within 30° of the runway heading for it to lock the localizer 🙂
Edit: Make sure you have the proper runway selected

I believe it was done to have much smoother transitions and not plummet you down or rocket you up:)


Is there a recent updated tutorial on APPR?

I ask only because I’ve seen way too much contradicting information for when to set APPR. You say below glide slope, meanwhile others say at or above glide slope. There’s a whole lot more contradicting information here. Perhaps that’s why the OP, I, and many others can’t get APPR to work.

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This tutorial should still work. 19.2 did introduce a change to APPR mode. The following paragraph was quoted from Jason’s “19.2 Featuring XCub” post, which is linked below. The key difference (as mentioned above by @Alphadog4646) is that you must be under the glideslope for it to work; if you’re above the glideslope, APPR will set the right heading but not the rate of descent.

Update to APPR mode for smoother interception of the glide slope. When enabling APPR, the aircraft will maintain the current VS/ALT until it intercepts the glide slope if under it. When disengaging APPR, the VS will set to the current VS to prevent the plane from diving.


You always intercept below the glide slope. That’s why IFATC approach controllers will bring you in at 3000agl (or 4000agl on a longer downwind) so that you can intercept the glide slope from below.

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If you are out of range (localizer/ glide), the plane is keeping its way until catching localizer or glide.

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