Functional Ground Services

Hello everyone. First of all I apologize, my English is not very good.

My idea in this case is to give ground services a more important role than they currently have. I think that right now they do not contribute anything beyond the visual.

The question would be that when we have to adjust the weight of the plane’s cargo, passengers and fuel, it should be done from the game screen (not from the pause screen) and the presence of ground services is absolutely necessary to be able to modify these values. Once one of these services is connected to the plane, the option to modify it would be activated.

Currently we do not have the fuel truck, but it would be nice if the developers could add it and as I said they would give more prominence to these services and in a really functional and necessary way.

Thank you for your time.

I would love this!

Don’t worry, you got your point across!

This would be such a good addition to Infinite Flight!

The GPU should work too! Unfortunately I’m out of votes…