Functional Cargo Doors

I’ve been really hitting up realistic feature requests lately. Here goes it.

I was thinking that having functional cargo doors would be cool. We have it on the C-130 and (technically) on SOFIA, so it could be added.
What I mean by functional cargo doors is on the 77F, A330F, and any other plane with a cargo livery on it could have the doors open and close. On the 747, we could open up the nose of the aircraft.

What do you guys think?

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This has been requested before. Please search before creating a topic. :)


I’m sorry but I think this has already been requested:

Your “cargo” doors fall under “doors” in this topic… please search before posting :)


Dang. I did search and nothing turned up. Sorry :/


Haha I just got the link to the topic

I’ll flag it for duplicate and get it closed

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