Functional Boeing 777 flaperons

We waited for months for the 772 anyways


Does anyone know why they haven’t already implemented this. It’s been a regular feature since the 787?


We need this!!

I seriously love the hard work that goes into this aircraft but I’m not really satisfied with the new 777

There’s a lot of things missing to it

• Krueger flaps
• liveries
• functional flaperons
• wings are so thick
• Poor landing gear animations
• flaps issue

I support this feature, the 777 family needs to have this issue fixed if they want to be the best 777s for mobile (IMO)


Now with the 777 family fully reworked all it needs the truly be completed it titled landing gear and flaperons. If you want to ask me what I mean about the gear title pm me.

Im vote 🗳😉😉😉

kinda sad this wasn’t added in 20.2

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And 20.3 either 😂😒

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This is great request, would love too it integrated into the aircraft

Well I hope it can be added in 21.1 if not then rip

Omg yes!!! And I’d also like the alerons to act as flaps on some select few aircrafts including the airbus family