Fun with Copa Airlines!

Heres some pics of the Copa Airlines 737-800! In these pics, I was flying around the Himalayas, which I don’t think Copa Airlines flies to. But this is IF and I was in solo, you can fly anywhere! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos! 🙂

The Copa 737-800 climbing out of Lukla airport. somehow I managed to takeoff!

The Copa plane cruising somewhere over the Himalayas.

No set of screenshots of mine is complete without a moonshot! So here’s a moonshot I took while climbing.

I would like to credit @Armani_B for suggesting Copa Airlines for my next set of photos. Thanks! 😃

And enjoy the photos!


Oh wow nice

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Nicely done!

Addition of fog is quite realistic!


OMG thank you that’s awesome

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Your welcome! Thanks for the support!


Thank you for taking my request I appreciate it 😄👍🏽

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