Fun windy city flyout @KMDW - 072100ZMAR20

About the airport: the airlines is just like @sfo has intersecting runways and has a hub for good ole southwest airlines and delta but were only doing section a of the airport

About Mr yellow: trust level is a member, and also likes yellow

About the Flyout: its will be relaxed and a fun just like all the fly outs so come and enjoy The windy city

Sever: expert
Date and time: 07, March, 2020 and the good thing is it is on a Saturday woohoo and the time 3:00 pm

Notam: be there about 15 minutes before
And have fun and be respectful of others that’s it.

Gates. Airlines. Destinations. Pilot
A1. Delta. Dtw
A2. Delta. Mia
A3. Delta. Atl
A4. Delta. Lax
A5. Delta. Jfk
A6. Delta. Jfk
A7. Delta. Rsw
A8. Delta. Sfo
A9. Delta. Lax
A10. Southwest. Dallas
A11. Southwest. Dallas
A12. Southwest. Dallas
A13. Delta. Cyyz
A 14. Delta. Cyyz
A15. Southwest. Phx
A16. Private
A17. Private.
A18. President
A19. Private

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Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

If you’re a southwest airlines pilot I suggest the route to Dallas

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