Fun trick in the F22

Aircraft: F22
Speed: >1200 knots

As soon as you go over the 1200-ish mark pull hard and see what happens :)
(Oh and you’re screen is going to bug about as well…)

this doesn’t harm your device in any way, it’s just a cool thing a came across


Is this really a necessary topic in the forum?

Not really, but it’s cool


Lol if you said not really, then why’d you make it then? 🤣

can u make a video for this?

No, sorry don’t have my phone with me

Well im just going to try it, if its really that cool…

This applies to F-14 too I have just tried it But nothing happens to the F-18

Cue “Danger Zone”, am I right?

That’s so cool. Love that trick.

You can actually make use of that, also with other “bugs” if you wanna put it this way. Just check that channel for the tutorials :


18.7 G’s, instantaneous G-lock, haha

It’s hard to give it justice in a screen shot. I have noticed this too, kinda annoying after a while.

Just cheched the YouTube video of Aerosync group. This is seriously cool! IF is absolutely brilliant sim with massive potential!


That isn’t fun, and it just makes crashing a 99.999999% chance of happening.

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If you don’t get injured by Formula Rossa a.k.a. Fastest roller coaster in the world you will survive 18.7 G. :-)


Not exactly…
Tower of Terror is 6.3G, but 18.7 is nearly three times that.


So I did this little trick thing and manage to get my jet to spin rappidly in a left bank and look at the G-force


Tried it myself, all my plane does is do a flip, what’s so fun about that?