Fun routes to fly

Hi guys,

I am wondering what are some of the most fun/longest routes fly in if.(Only free regions)

thanks and happy flying


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Don’t know if Soflo is free but KTPA-KMIA is fun and Honolulu to Hilo is good

MMTJ-KSAN is a good long route.



Neither are free

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You can make EHAM-EDDL a nice long route

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It not long, but for some reason I think KSFO to KOAK is a nice little route.

KLAX-KONT is another knee smasher.

KBUR-MMTJ is an international flight and goes across almost all of the SoCal region.

Here are a few:


Have fun ;)


KLAX-MMTJ is really fun

Anything in the caribbean is fun to fly, but I don’t know if it’s free

I like MMTJ-KLAX with an Aeromexico 787 or so. It’s an “International Flight” and I enjoy doing that route


I personally love KSAN-KPSP.

Its paid for sadly.

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They don’t actually do that flight with a 787, do they? I figured more like a E190 or even a 738.

It´s not a real route as far as I know.

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Milwaukee to O’hare , Quad City International Airport to O’hare, and Peoria to O’hare are all fun, and all in the free region of Chicago, Illinois!

If you’re looking for a “stopover” KLAX-KPSP via KSAN is fun, LAX-SAN is relatively long depending on how you file the FPL and SAN-PSP is also very fun :)

I’ll direct you to my old site: It hasn’t been “daily” for little while, but I have some plans to get in going daily again very soon. You can fly the routes already posted.

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