Fun Question for RL Pilots

I flew the a321 on here for four months and finally I felt confident with it all the way threw (mostly).

Now I am learning the 789 and I feel like a noob again, .no confidence in the flight physics.

I know that pilots need to be certified or “rated” for each aircraft, how does this look…how long does it take to go from an airbus to a Boeing and mabye back? Do pilots feel confident in flying any aircraft, or just their aircraft?

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It depends, initial training can take anywhere from a week to several weeks. It includes Gound school, then sim and the flight time

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For each aircraft? thank you for topic correction

Yes. I know for us for the 1900 it takes about a week with a check ride, and I would believe bigger companies would do the same

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It takes me like EDIT 3 months, am I slow? 😐,

Well youre not being educated in all the procedures, so comparing yourself isnt a good idea haha

To fly an E3D, that takes months in simulators and the like before they get anywhere near the real thing.

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So in my Flying Club we have very different types of gliders (I know not an Airbus or a Boeing, but still planes), and for us it takes about 20 t/o‘s until the pilot is comfortable with the handling of the plane, so it doesn’t take too long.

The initial type rating lasts about 8 weeks. Before that you complete your training with MCC and a Jet orientation course.
I don’t know how it is to switch back from airbus to Boeing or the other way, but I think it’s not comfortable.
I’m 737 rated and i would feel highly uncomfortable to fly any other jet.


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