Fun In USAF 737 With Low Pass @ YSCB

Sometimes you just need to record some flying fun.


Who says all the staff are boring?


Ain’t nobody said that :))

Awesome! How fast were you going on the pass?

So true Mark, haha! Sometimes you just want to share your skills ;)

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@Patrick_U @NatIsrael972 @NatIsrael972 that isn’t even his best one. I remember once on advanced at PHSF @Mark_Denton did a high speed (around 200 kts ias) and super low overpass (5 feet above the runway) overpass in a 747-800i. Let’s just say it was crazy lol and when I attempt it, it didn’t go aswell 😂

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Hmm the server seems empty…

Secret Server? xD

No this time it was on advanced lol

Anyways if you just look at the thumbnail, you will think it’s real, isn’t it? ahahaha

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Lol I’m surprised you didn’t stall…

Dang that is all skill right there

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