Fun in the TBM

A fun flight on the Expert Server, our of Zürich. A quick 15 minute trip!

Runway 28 departure, cruise at 11,000

Ready to taxi with the Moon 🌙

Swiss A330 departing as I wait to cross runway 16

Lining up on runway 28 as a Turkish A321 lifts off in front of me.

Climbing with a JAL 787 on the ramp

Cruising with the mountains in the background

Touching down in LSZR

Hope y’all enjoy!


Cool and interesting route!! I think I saw you ;-). Nice photos!

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I sure did

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What’s with the night than day and back and forth? Just for pics?


How do you get the times so nice?

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Flew a TBM From Zurich to Munich today. Suggested route to fly with a TBM. Stunning shots!

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Today in Europe you could see a really beautiful moon rise, i guess he took the chance, i was watching from FL330 on my way to Greece with IFAE


Dang. Nice photos, dude.

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Just for the picture! I figured I should change it up.

I liked the last one, good job

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Those pics are Awesome! 🙂🙂

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I did not say otherwise😎😅👈😉

Nice pictures! I was the SWISS A330 in the second picture ;)

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True it does look nice

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