Fun in The Sun @ KLAS

Fun in The Sun

Welcome to my first spotting topic in… oh gosh… a while 😂

@ItsBlitz was at the airport today as well, but unfortunately times didn’t match up.

That’s okay though, because I’m sure we both still got some great pictures.

Here’s mine.

Southwest 737-800 - Canyon Blue

This was one of the first ones I took today, and I think it came out pretty well.

American Airlines A320

Another one from the front end of my trip, slightly edited to make it look a little better.

Sun Country 737-800 - Old Livery

These are some of my favorites, and the highlight of the trip for me.

Gulfstream G-V - Black

May or may not have had the “KLAS Arrivals” filter on and nearly missed this beautiful BizJet. 😳

Challenger 600 - Private

Another random BizJet I found after turning off the filter 😂

United 737-800 - Old Livery

Some very different styles in these two 😂

American 737-800

I love this livery 😍

Thank you for viewing!

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Have a great rest of your day 😊


Was that black bizjet this aircraft by any chance?


Ahh! Beautiful N111AM, this one belongs to some richboy.

Beautiful photos! I’ll be sharing my Henderson Executive photos soon! I’ll tr again some other day!


I didn’t actually see the sides 😂

I was busy snapping those pics.

Also I accidentally broke my polls so you may have to re-vote.

I figured out the poll issue sorry for the confusion 😂

I hate to be that guy, but that is more than 10 pictures.

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Hang on let me check one thing…

EDIT: Thinned it out a bit. It’s now 10 except for the honorable mentions, in which I have asked a mod about. Waiting to hear back. 😊

The rules say “10 pictures maximum per topic” to my eye that reads pretty explicitly. Not sure there is much room for interpretation there so I wouldn’t count on the mods doing that because then that rule is pretty useless if “bonus photos” completely circumvent it. Honestly I don’t mean to be harsh, but everyone else shaves down our pictures to ten, I think you can too.

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Welcome to the IFC!

Unfortunately, topics in the #real-world-aviation:spotting category can only have a maximum of 10 photos.

Please refer to this topic for more info:

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on how the community works!


Beautiful Photos!

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Just some shiny bois


Great pictures!

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Thank you everyone!

I submitted numbers 1, 2, 3, and 10 (plus one not in the topic) to JetPhotos, maybe they will be accepted 😁

10,000th place in the queue 🎉 😂

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I believe they won’t because of the crop 😔


Didn’t want to create a thread just for one plane, so piggy backing off this if that’s okay…

“Baby” 747

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It’s cool man, don’t worry about it 😎

That’s a sweet picture, Sands 747SP right?

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That’s the one! First time seeing it taxi by me.

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I think 1 there going to hit you with bad crop and the other ones are probably at risk of that too. Those underbelly kind of shots can get really tricky to get accepted, partly because of crop, but also the lightning can get rough, if your looking for JP try standing farther back to get more of a side profile, that will help a lot. Not that they sent good pictures, I really like them, that style just isn’t something that the JP screeners seem to like.

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The first picture of Southwest airlines is very beauty!!

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