Fun in Europe!

I present to you: My first screenshots and videos topic!

Server: Expert
Route: Amsterdam (EHAM) - Prague (LKPR)
Flight Time: 1h25m
Aircraft: KLM E175

At the gate in Amsterdam

Pushed back, preparing for departure

Sunrise departure

Who doesn’t like a sunny climb?

Landing in Prague

At the gate in Prague, things are started to be unloaded and loaded for the next flight

Sneak peek into the cockpit as the pilots prepare for the return flight


How are you able to look inside the plane in the last photo? Is it only possible on the E175 ?

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No, its possible on mutliple planes like the A220 and the A330 aswell as the 777, you just have to test, in which planes you can do that. If you dont know how, just use the “interior drone” in the cameras menu on the bottom left of you screen. Then you can just fly in and around the plane.


On the CRJ family as well

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You can use the free or interior drone cameras to look inside. There are full interiors with seats on the 717, C208, CRJ family, E175, E190, a333, a339, 757, 777 and the cl35, as well as interiors without seats on the a350

Looks like a good flight have a good one