Fun Group Flight Tonight

Come and join me in any 737 or a320 series aircraft. We will be flying from PHTO TO PHNL, a 240nm flight. Cruise altitude will be 30,000 feet at 280 indicated airspeed. Make sure to start descending at around 100 nm from destination. During cruise we can fly close together and get awesome screenshots. Meet me at any PHTO GATE at 9:30pm MST (11:30 Eastern, 8:30pm West Coast). My call sign is HOP7, copy my flight plan. I will be the first one to take off and land. Let me know if you will be attending. Hope to see you There!

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Flight is 2 and a half hours from now

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Might come…

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1 hour till flight

I’ll join in my famous 737 BBJ

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Take pics ;)

I’ll join… what gates ?

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What server

And send a pic of the flight plan

Just copy it

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Any PHTO gates


Playground server, copy my flight plan

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I’ll be there setting up

Ahh I’ll be N96623U setting flight plans. I’m in an a321 (American ) Squak 7500, jk

Gate 2 reserved for me I’ll give you 1

I’m doing pre flight check and started boarding 2 minutes ago

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This guy, lol haha ^^^^

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I’ll be Delta 1240 737-800

I got OBAMA on board today he chose American cause he won’t get af1 much anymore

Ehh I gave her a bit of trim for take off… I don’t know what the hell the weather is