Fun Flying Photos

Today I did a live group flight 13SEP20 / 1830Z - Fun Flying @ VHHH - WSSS and it was very fun with the ATC controllers and pilots who showed up. Here are some photos from the flight

At the Gate in Hong Know with AFAR16

Holding short of runway 7R
Departure out of VHHH
Crusing at FL350 over the south china sea
Flying over central Vietnam
Descent into Singapore
On final for runway 02L
Touchdown on runway 02L
Taxing to the gate with AFAR16 landing in the background
AFAR16’s landing

Overall it was a very smooth flight in a Cathay Pacific A350. I only had 25 minutes of fuel left when I landed because I had to dump fuel and I excepted too many passengers. flight time was 2 hours and 56 minutes on the training server. Thank you to @CaptainAamid who was in a 777-300ER for flying, @Mukundan_Srivatsa for being tower/ground at WSSS and @Aus_Chat for being Approach. The landing by me and AFAR16 was very buttery and We got to WSSS safety.

Which photo was your favorite?

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I hope you love the photos!!!


Great pictures!

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Thank you @Mukundan_Srivatsa for helping it happen

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Nice shots

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