Fun flying in the TBM

Some bush flying with @Captain-787

Server expert flight time 44 minutes plane TBM route KLBB-6TE6.

None of the pictures were edited. Feedback is appreciated. PM me if you want to do some bush flying together.

Picture 3 the new TBM.
Picture 4 on the ground at 6TE6.


Great Pics!
I should try bush flying :)

However in pic 2 and 3, some HUD was showing :(

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Bush flying is fun and your right some HUD is showing but I can’t do anything about it. If the moderators decide to close this then oh well there will be others.

Hey if you go into replay mode and click the globe it removes the UI then if you hold down on you screen it will remove the Timeline of you flight and you can just screenshot it from there and if you hold down again it will bring it back

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I will do that later because I am flying right now.

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Instead of holding down on the screen, if you click what I circled and press it, it takes a screenshot for you.


It was a really fun flight!

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did you see my post for the screenshots?

nice pics, one thing though, you arent allowed to bush fly outside of idaho lol.

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