Fun Flights!

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I almost forgot FNLU to LPPT which also is pretty interesting (to fly with the TAP’s A330neo of course!)

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Im gonna go for now bye guys. Thanks for your ideas!


fly the spitfire in some small GA airports near EGLL. Thats what i do for fun on IF!

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I always love doing smaller European routes. They don’t take much time, like 1-3 hours and always fun to do.


Hi, I recommend checking out these route database topics!


Airbus A220 - Unofficial Route Database

How to Find a Route to Fly

The Airbus A330-900neo Route Database

The A359 Route Database

B717 Route Database

The B77F Routes Database

There are a lot more out there, if you just search up the route database in the search bar, then you have a lot of flying options!

Happy Flying!


Routes from Anchorage in general are pretty cool 😎

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Thanks for all your ideas!

And you can comment now! on the flight plan doc!

I will be sure to check them out!

Nice! I will be sure to do that!

I like doing short GA flights in the carribeans, especially 'round Saint Martin. Nice scenery and fun airports

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I’d suggest doing a VFR flight from Buchanan Field in Concord (KCCR) to Half Moon Bay (KHAF) in a Cessna 172. It’s a short flight across the Bay Area and should take about an hour. Once you come over the Santa Cruz Mountains, the view of the coast is beautiful!

Notes: I’d recommend navigating using Oakland VOR and San Francisco VOR then instrument flying to enter a pattern.
(For inbound on rwy 30, make right traffic; for inbound on rwy 12, make left traffic)

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Nice! i will have to try it!

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This sounds like fun!

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When this topic closes i will make a new one labeled Part 2

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if you want this topic to get far from closing please keep posting!

i was about to when my plane glitched under the runway every time i tried


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that was the first glitch i’ve ever had in infinite flight

Maybe try clearing your scenery cache. That could help.

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