Fun flights in the USA

• Anything south of 60°N in Alaska
• Seattle-Spokane (KSEA/KGEG
• Seattle-Bend (KSEA/KRDM) I’d recommend a scenic loop around Mount Rainier

•San Francisco-Medford (KSFO/KMFR) has you fly right past Mount Shasta which is incredible and over the uniquely named towns of Yreka and Weed before making a visual or RNP approach that weaves through a canyon.

Like others have said KMMH, KJAC, KSUN, KTRK are all stunning mountain spots with shorter runways.

Kicking the autopilot off and circling into Palm Springs under the peaks that rise nearly 11,000 feet above you is certainly a fun challenge.

Telluride is a fun spot as it’s the highest commercial airport the country, and Aspen’s LOC DME 15 is one of the steepest in the world.

And finally anything in, or between Hawaii, and Guam is worth checking out!

Don’t listen to @unicorn, obviously there are great places around the world, but the US+territories is simply unmatched in terms of variety


I would recommend to fly into ether KJAC or KBZN both amazing scenery and GA friendly.

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Not really challenging just fun KOSH or anything in Wisconsin. (Totally not bias) 😂😂

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Aspen: Am I a joke to you?


The island hop is technically a USA route going from Hawaii to US Territories and military bases! It’s quite a fun journey!

I tend to love Mountain airports, so I have a list of fun mountain airports for you:

  • KEGE
  • KASE
  • KTVL
  • KRNO
  • KMFR
  • KJAC
  • PAJN
  • KMMH (My personal favorite)

EYW is just a short way though. ASE and EGE actually have tricky aporoaches that are faster than usual because of high elevation

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Yes I have, in fact I have even lived there in real life and there’s nothing that is “challenging” about flying there


I beg to differ. I highly suggest checking out some of the mountainous areas in the US. They are a lot of fun to fly, especially in General Aviation Aircraft


KAVX (Catalina) is the closest thing you’ll get to landing on an aircraft carrier in the US. Good ol’ tabletop runway in the middle of the ocean.


do you have any photos of jackson hole in the flight sim?

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DO any flight to LGA but do the rwy 31 Expressway approach

I recommend L35.
It’s up in the mountains in Southern California and it’s got a great approach/departure with the lake and scenery.

Many of you forgot KEYW… The very short runway and the scenery makes it worth to fly to!

I just took a picture for you.:) This is what the area looks like and it is close to Grand Teton National Park and I assume close to Yellowstone National Park so it is a very scenic area.

Yeah reverse thrust is your best friend once those wheels touch the ground at KEYW

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