Fun Flight Practise Around The Himalayas


I thought I might have a fun flight by taking off and landing at the worlds most dangerous airport. I wanted to test my aviation skills to the test. Overall, the landing was difficult but ended up successful.

Airport: VQPR (Paro Airport)
Server: Casual Server
Departure Time: 0600z
Date: 7 Jan 2020
Aircraft: British Comair 737

This was prior to arrival

Almost in Paro, avoiding the mountain

Making the turn to align with the runway


Whoa! Is that legal 😂

Nice pictures.

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I see you’ve made one your profile pic too.

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Thanks and yes ive added it as my profile picture

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Bank angle, bank angle, terrain, terrain

Nice pictures and nice try landing in VQPR. Try a RWY15 landing 😈


Ok yeah I can try that