Fun flight in the Bombardier Q400

I have always loved flying shorts island hops in Hawaii.
I recommend Lanai City to Kahalui, my cruising altitude is usually flight level 050- 5000 ft. The RNAV and Localizer appropriate at Kahalui is quite a fun one, because you flying at 1000 ft from coast down to the runway. You are so close to the ground.

Hope you like my story
Justin C.


That’s great that you found a nice route! How about you create a post in #screenshots-and-videos about the flight so you can show us the approach? 🙂


I hope you had a nice flight! Flying in Hawaii can be really fun! The beautiful terrain makes it a joy to fly these routes when you have some extra time! The Q400 is also a pretty fun aircraft to fly! It can be a bit hard to land though!

If you have any cool flight that you do in the future feel free to post them here:

There are a lot of cool flights people have done and that way we can keep them all in one place! Happy landings, Justin!

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Hello Jarret.

I have multiple things, we can go in depth further if you want, what info are you interested in?

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