Fun flight Ideas

Hi my fellow pilots

Does anyone have some good regional flight Ideas in there midwest of USA for the CRJ 700?

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Denver - Aspen in a American Airlines CRJ700. The approach is really fun since aspen in on a mountain

Hello @Justin_Crabtree,

There is a awesome app many use called FlightRadar24 which allows you to filter aircraft to show all current aircraft of that type flying. May be of good use for flight routes and info!

Chicago O’Hare, IL to Erie, PA is a good one with United.


Short but nice route

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@AviationReports I know another route goes to KORD

I would assume so. If they’re looking for the CRJ-700, don’t fly southwest on the route.

You could do KMSP-KMDW with the Delta CRj-700. MDW’s approach and landing is pretty cool.

Hey Zack,
I am the biggest fan of flightradar24
I didn’t know that feature, so thanks for the advise and thanks for helping me advance my skills

MDW is one of my favorite Airports, i mostly operate flights from there on Airbus A329 or b737-800, i will try CRJ’s

Absolutely! I use it all the time for callsigns and sometimes it gives the route. Happy flying!

Happy flying to you as well!✈️

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@Justin_Crabtree have Safe flying

KGRR-KMSP is good


KORD to KDTW is another good one

If you want a Fun tropical flight, try Lanai Hawaii to Kahalui or Honolulu or Kona, on a CRJ Q400


If you ever want to fly together don’t hesitate to pm!

@ZachN I was about to say that lol

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I recommend Miami, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas.

He said Midwest lol

As for a route:

ORD-OMA with the UA E75L

my bad! lol.