Fun fact : Waypoint

Hey IF Team and fellow Sim Pilots,

I had seen past discussions on navigation waypoints and in certain cases how they sported funny names or were derived off themes based on the location. Sharing a waypoint available both in IF and real-life on approach to KSDF; and a fun fact of its origin. The waypoint MBELL is named after First Officer Matthew C. Bell, whose final actions prevented the crash of UPS Flight 6 (which he co-piloted) from being a far greater disaster by steering it clear of suburbs near Dubai airport when attempting an emergency landing due to an on-board fire that crippled the 747.


I always love seeing monuments or small treasures to memorialize a person for their good actions such as this

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This is actually really Cool! Didn’t know that 👍

I think this is more suitable for #real-world-aviation or #live :)


Great to see they recognized his actions, I like these little things to represent people and their actions in a crisis.

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That’s a decent factoid.


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